The Author

Hi, my name is Emily and I am a bra addict.

For years I was grossly misinformed about bras and thought I hated them. Turns out I hated bras so much because I was wearing ones that didn’t fit my body properly. Like most of society I believed that A cups are small, DDs are big, and you have to add inches for your band size. None of those things were true.

On Reddit I discovered the A Bra That Fits community. It was there that I learned how to find a bra that was properly proportional to my body. I learned what a well fitting bra looks like. I learned there are bras that are cute, sexy, colorful. and comfy in cup sizes larger than DD (way larger) and bands smaller than 32.

I fell in love with bras.

Now I want to take everything that I’ve discovered and share it with others. Through this blog I’ve decided to combine some of the things I love most; beautiful lingerie, teaching/helping people, and rambling on about random things. DeVereaux Lingerie is a place to learn about proper bra fit, read bra and store reviews, discuss body image, and sometimes just goof off.

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